We are a Kansas City based Latin Desert Rock band. We blend dark fuzzy desert rock tones with latin grooves and rhythms. The group started in 2010 and has always been recognized for our energetic performances. We like to wear sugar skull masks during performances in honor and celebration of loved ones that have passed. Our latest album, ''Release the Bull'', is to be pressed and released as our first vinyl LP.  Catch our show and we promise we will melt your face to it's skull. 


Jonas Birkel - Vocals/Guitar 🇨🇺

Sean Cedillo - Drums 🇲🇽

Matt Beonke - Bass 🇺🇸

Nico - Drums/Percussion 🇲🇽

Noah Birkel - Guitar/Bass 🇨🇺 

Tyler Hicks - Guitar/Keys 🇺🇸

Trevor Martell - Bass/Synth 🇺🇸

Gabe Harris - Drums 🇺🇸